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Heather Hennick


Artist Statements


I use purified Beeswax with dried pigment and damar crystals (tree resin) for hardening.
I heat the wax to a molten point where I can apply the wax as liquid to a rigid surface such as masonite or wood, coated card stock or absorbant paper.
Each layer is fused to the next with a heat source, thus a commitment to the composition evolves. I work spontaneously as I create the composition.
The process may include techniques such as ironing, carving, embedding materials, transfer techniques, stamping, drawing and painting. I believe encaustic is a forgiving medium that includes a multitude of modalities and creative opportunities for expression.
Encaustic is a natural preservative that allows me to capture time, my story and the human spirit.

Dry Wool Felting

I use a barbed pin to push the wool fibers through the wool canvas.
Wool fibers entangle on each other to form a cloth. As fibers curl around each other, the scales catch on each other and become entangled. Another name for feltmaking is massive entanglement. The fibers are entangled enough to have created a fabric which holds together as one mass. I use this process to create a painting from wool fiber. The sensation of felting allows me to meditate with every stroke. It is a meticulous process which reduces stress and drives my imagination. I enjoy working with natural materials of which connect me to a state of mindfulness. Doing hand work activates our parasympathetic nervous system. We are naturally calmed making it easier to handle what ever else might be coming up.
The natural 100% wool presents as a dry, safe, flexible and tactile medium that allow me to feel from the inside out and then from outside in.

NOTE: At times, I may combine bees wax (encaustic) and wool. For me, this is a metaphor for relationships.

What is Art Therapy?

1) Art therapy is an interpersonal experience in which a therapist facilitates, guides, witnesses and responds to an individual’s art process and art expressions, based on best practices and current and emerging research.

2) Art therapy is different than self-help experiences in that there is a helping professional and an individual [family or group] seeking assistance from a therapist to make changes. The relationship between a therapist, an individual, and the art process and art products is essential to art therapy and includes purposeful dialogue and specific therapeutic interventions in response to both process and product.

3) Current and emerging research in mind-body medicine, allied health and integrative healthcare demonstrates that art therapy is an effective, health-enhancing intervention and form of treatment (Malchiodi, 2012).

Art Therapy Specialties: I specialize in mental health, those with mental and physical disabilities, geriatrics/long-term care and self care workshops. I have completed a study and thesis using (encaustic) art therapy. My graduate thesis is entitled " An exploration of the potential of encaustic art therapy as an intervention for burnout and compassion fatigue with healthcare professionals."
Region: Toronto and surrounding area
Other Specialties: I am a practicing artist/art therapist/ psychotherapist and can provide quality art experiences. I have an in-depth understanding of the creative process and am able to facilitate this for others. I work with all ages. I facilitate group and private sessions.

My art therapy workshop-sessions embody, engage and absorb the client/s in their own art materials and collaborative process. As a professional art psychotherapist I have learned how to stay with the uncertainty and other difficult feelings that arise as part of the process that is crucial. I am a practicing artist, accessed psychotherapy myself throughout training and I am able to practice in a meaningful way. My therapy is not a dry set of techniques but a soul nurturing, rich, creative and wonderful psychotherapy that allows any client to find themselves in the centre of the PROCESS. I offer a safe psychologically contained space and relationship. I stay with the image and the process. I believe in a mind, body and spirited connection.

Artist/ Professional Art Therapist/ Registered Psychotherapist: Heather Hennick,

I was born in Montreal, Quebec Canada. I currently live in Ontario.
Inspired by nature and believe in a mind, body and spiritual connection.
I consider myself spiritual rather than religious.
I associate with many artists/ therapists and I participate in local and international workshops and art exhibitions.

May 2010- 2013- Toronto Art Therapy Institute(Graduate Level Studies- master level)
Art Therapy Graduate
Placements: York Central Hospital (Mental Health and Geriatrics)
Sunnybrook Hospital (Geriatrics- Veterans)
Reena Foundation (Developmental Disabilities)
Interval House Shelter (Trauma)
Canadian Mental Health Association

Professional member of The Canadian Art Therapy Association
Professional member of The Ontario Art Therapy Association
Member of the CRPO- Registered Psychotherapist

Numerous artwork is held in private collections

Solo Fine Art Exhibit
Creations in dry wool felting
"Meditation in Wool"
Mill Pond Gallery
February 22/23, 2014
Solo Fine At Exhibition
Nov 15-16
"Journey in Hummanness"
Nov, 29-Dec 7- "Small Treasure" Group Show
March 2016 New beginnings- Wax and Water
April- 22-23- New Discoveries

Advocate for Canadian Art Therapy Association- (Creative arts week) 2017

Artist in residence programs (Mill Pond Gallery) 2014-2015-2016

Encaustic and mixed mediums - program 2015-2017
Art Therapy Workshops for self-care, reduce stress and support the therapeutic needs within a group or private - No Artistic Experience is required

These workshops includes a brief introduction to art therapy, methodology an hour for art making, and ample time for discussion and processing of each participant's work.The sessions offer a safe, supportive environment which respects the pace and limits of each group member. No art experience is needed. The group size is limited, and is open to adults. Please call to pre-register.
(material and equipment included)

A. Encaustic and mixed mediums in art therapy
In these workshops, participants use molton beeswax to give imagery to their feelings, thoughts, and imagination. These images may begin with exploration of a dream, a memory, or an emotion; a specific idea or simply an urge to play. This meaningful play often provides a new mode of expression which allows a lively, insightful relationship with personal imagery. Other mediums my be used with encaustic.

B. Wool and Fiber in art therapy
In these workshops, participants use natural wool and alternate fibers to calm feelings and thoughts, and to stimulate imagination via the process. The tactile processing of dry wool felting is a stress-reducing component that opens one's capacity for mindfulness. Participants are encouraged to share in their experience and relate it to their personal life journey.

C. The Healing Journal
Initially clients directed into a brief warm up on drawing paper, to reduce stress and open the channels for expression. Following this activity in an art journal, clients are encouraged to use a variety of art mediums using a choice or all of (paint, markers, pastels or collage) to express themselves often expanding on their warm up.
They are then asked to write about their artwork and thoughts and experiences.
Sharing will follow. Results from weekly journaling will create a healing journey .

I travel within the GTA- work in LTC - specializing in Geriatrics
Consent forms are required prior to sessions.
No experience is required.

Group - varied programs available- package fees for 4 or more group sessions may apply
Private available

( Encaustic and mixed mediums) on Thursdays at The Mill Pond Gallery: 1-3 pm, 7-9 pm
-Self-care-Reduce stress

RHGA.ca for details or contact me at hennick905@gmail.com- Pre- registration required

Note: Insurance:

If you have a health insurance policy, it will usually provide some coverage for mental health services. It is important that you find out exactly what mental health services your insurance policy covers. However, you (not the insurance company) are responsible for full payment of my fees. I will provide you with a copy of your receipt, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You should be aware that most insurance companies require me to provide them with a clinical diagnosis, and sometimes-additional information such as treatment plans. Finally, you should be aware that if you are charged for a missed appointment, it is you, not the insurance company, who is ultimately responsible for charged fees.

Current 2015- Private and Group Art & Art Therapy Workshops and Encaustic Supplies
blog: art4therapy.blogspot.ca


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